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Vidal Law Services
Real Estate
Residential - We assist client's in purchasing, refinancing or selling their homes. Vidal Law, LLC also handles title and ownership disputes, easement and shared driveway agreements.
Commercial - Our office offers assistance with lease negotiation and purchasing a business.

Guardian Ad Litem / Attorney for Minor Child
A Guardian Ad Litem represents and advocates for the best interests of a child during family law proceedings.  As GALs we do not represent the child but the best interests of the child.  This role is crucial when the child’s interests are at risk or being affected by others.  GALs are typically appointed during visitation and custody proceedings or when one parent’s action potentially harms the child’s interest.  An Attorney for Minor Child (AMC) provides legal representation for a child.  In this case a child client would be entitled to the same undivided loyalty, competent representation and confidentiality due to any adult client.

Estate Planning
Full range of trust and estate services to preserve the wealth of our clients and benefit the future generations of their families. Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients whether they require a simple or sophisticated estate plan, health care powers of attorney, or durable powers of attorney.

Assist in administration and settlement of estates from application to the probate court to the distribution of assets. Offer advice to beneficiaries regarding planning for the inheritance. Assist in adoption or name change proceedings. Assist in guardianship proceedings for minors and conservatorship proceedings for aging adults.

Small Business
Formation and organization of small businesses, planning for future growth and protection of personal assets.
Vidal Law, LLC
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